Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Wear a Saree?

Hold one side of the upper edge of the Saree with your left hand around your waist to feet on your back side leaving free the pallu side on other end.

Tuck the top border of inner of the Saree in to the petticoat in such a way so that the Saree may fall up to the floor level.

Drape the Saree around the front keeping it on same height.

Tuck the little top edge of the Saree into the petticoat keeping on same height.

Make the fold of few straight plates from the right side and tuck it into the petticoat so that the bottom edge of the Saree should touch the floor level.
Saree is a cloth worn by women of India from a long time.

Bring around the other end of the Saree in your both hand and keep pallu put on left side shoulder allowing the pallu fall on your back.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Types of Indian Sari

As discussed before that, A Saree is a piece of unstitched cloth styled in such a manner that perfects draper in a fascinating way to show her perfectly dressed, the apparel which suits for all the occasions or even in daily use. There are several varieties of Saree manufactured in India that too in different types and fabrics of cloth. The cost of Saree varies according to the quality of cloth and work done by artisans on Sari. Today Saree is available in different varieties that are, Pure silk Sari, Silk blended Sari, Art silk Sari, Cotton Sari, Cotton Blended Sari, Georgette Sari, Chiffon Sari, Crape Sari, Polyester Sari, Synthetic Sari.

Among these Sari some brands are commonly manufactured like Banarasi silk Sari, Kanjivaram silk Sari, Tepata silk Sari, Apoorva Bangalore silk Sari, Maysoor silk Sari, khadi silk Sari prepared by the artisans on loom. Rajasthani cotton Sari also named as, Akola Sari, Bagru Sari, Barmeri Sari, Sanganeri Sari. Printed Sari is prepared from the fabric cotton, georgette, chiffon, crape, polyester and synthetic etc.

Some of the hand work Sarees are also common these days which includes Lucknowi Karai Sari, Chikan work Sari, Sequens work Sari, Antique work Sari and Zari work Sari. Among traditional Saree , Bandhini Sari of Rajasthan and the Chanderi Sari of Madhya Pradesh are land marks in the history of Indian Sari. Venkatagiri and Poona Sari, Pochampali Sari and Maheswari Sari are also very fascinating.

The two essential parts of the attire, that completes the dress in saree are petticoat and blouse. Both of which should be chosen carefully to look beautiful in saree. Petticoat is used by Indian women which is to be worn under the Sari to hold the Saree placed properly on the portion from feet to waist on the body of a women. It is a waist-to-floor garment, tied tightly at the waist by a drawstring. For perfect and clean look no part of it should be visible after draping a saree on to it.

Other part of the saree, to complete the dressing, includes the cloth named blouse which comprises the part of Sari. It is also the integral part of the Saree, requires to be worn by women while dressing up in Sari. It is like a tight fitting compact part of choli either having sleeve or sleeveless and is worn on the upper part of the body covering the breast and ends just below the bust.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Saree is a cloth worn by Indian women from long time. The word saree was derived from a Sanskrit word which meant cloth. It is the national dress of India which is vastly used for all the occasions or even in daily use. It is said to be the best known item of Indian Clothing, it is instantly recognizable and all who see it instantly associate it with India. SIX YARDS of sheer grace and elegance is what the sari is all about!

Saree is an un-stitched long piece of cloth of various fabrics which needs to be draped in a particular way to achieve the fully dressed effect.

Women from ancient times used to drape long strips of cottons clothing which later termed as Saree. Saree is draped in different style and fashion as the fashion and style changes from time to time. Saree took the various draping forms from time to time. Saree now is worn and used in many flavors and styles in India and abroad. It is also made from many different fabrics ranging from soft and smooth silk to the comfort feeling cotton. Over the years the fashion has graduated and the style of draping a saree has gone through a lot of changes. Saree has dressed Indian women over the ages, and will continue to do so as long women are. Saree is a perfect wear of Indian Women. Indian Women, beacuse of Saree is known and recognized in all parts of world as an evergreen beauty of nature.

Saree is traditional and feminine dress which has been worn by the Indian ladies for centuries ago. Also From Hindu literature it is depicted from the paintings that Saree was used by so many ancient legendary figures like Radha, during the time of lord Krishna Draupati in Mahabarata.

It has also been seen in Indian history that Rajput Queen of Mughal Emperor Akbar in 16th century loved to wear Sari which were made of fine fabric, different types of hand work were also got done on it.

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Manish Malhotra's collection at the Lakme Fashion Week- 2010

Manish Malhotra is a most shining star of the fashion designers in India and his collection showcased at the ongoing Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) in Mumbai was the main attraction of the event. His Breezy, light, youthful and fresh collection attracted everyone at the first glance.
Drawing inspiration from Indian colours and elements, Malhotra put together an interesting collection of dresses, saris, kurtas for women and jackets, shirts, trousers and shorts for men. His sheer fabrics and pastel colours were much appreciated by the audience.

"I think we should all celebrate Indian clothes. I love them, I love designing them and what I wanted to show was that in resort wear you can have fun with Indian clothes," said Malhotra.

Manish is one of the most favorite of  Bollywood celebrities and many of the Bollywood celebrities participated in the event to have an eye on the collection.

Lakme India Fashion Week (LIFW)- 2010

Lakme India Fashion Week (LIFW) is organized twice annually. It is being held from March 5-9 and will involve events like media seminars, business-to-business meetings and a buyers' forum, apart from the regular fashion shows.

The event will also provide a platform for fresh designers who possess the talent through the Gen Next shows.
Around 64 designers would showcase their collections in this season.

The first day of the Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort had all the trappings of a great start. I started off by a glitzy collection by Rocky S titled Bridal Extravaganza that had Bipasha Basu as the Show Stopper. Black creations were followed by lehengas, saris, and sherwanis in soft pastels and bright solid pastels, all embellished with embroideries and Swarovsli crystals. Together with jewelry by Queenie, there was a high bling element on the ramp.

The greatest cheer was reserved for the last show of the day: Sabyasachi's Africa inspired collection. The clothes and designs here proved themselves as the show stoppers of the event. Skirts, jackets trousers, blouses, and scarves were in colors inspired from Africa with a hint of Paris. They were accessorized by rose tinted glasses and bandanas. Beads and glitter added sparkle to the collection which brightened an otherwise slow day at the fashion week.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Indian Bridal Fashion

Every girl in this world dream's about the day, when she get married and be tied in a beautiful bond of love for ever. She dreams about the new people, she come across thereafter and also dreams about the beautiful looks which will make her man admire her the most. Thus the day of wedding becomes the most important day of her life. This is the day when she want her self to look like a princess, standing out of the crowd. This becomes possible with the right and planned type of costume selection and other bridal accessories. An Indian wedding needs much more...

Indian brides are much more concerned about their costumes, jewelery and other accessories which can make them look like a fairy, which they have seen in their dreams. In India there are lot to chose from and the brides make their selection accordingly. Their costumes can range from a simple silk Saree to a heavy embroided and ornamented Saree, a simple Maroon Lehnga to a highly glorified and ornamented Lehnga which ranges in cost till you can imagine. Because on the day of wedding the bride is to be adorned with the lehnga or Saree and jewelery, there are huge variety and range of these according to fabrics, pattern, design and style.

Today’s Indian bridal fashion reflects the changes that have been brought about in the bridal apparel through out the century. The Indian bridal fashion depicts the finest in Indian tradition of embroidery where different kinds of Indian embroidery techniques have been used.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Different Fashion and Styles in different parts of Country.

In India different girls from different states and places, uses different styles and patterns of costumes according to their tradition and culture. The states of Punjab and Haryana are famous for the phulkari(flower-work) shawls that are worn with a tight-fitting choli and gaghra. It is the traditional costume of rural women of this region and is made for everyday wear. Usually the border and field of the shawl were not so densely embroidered, with much of the ground cloth exposed. For ceremonial occasions, however, a special kind of phulkari known as a `bagh` (garden) was made, in which the whole of the ground was covered with embroidery, so that the base cloth was not visible at all. These Phulkaris are worn as the Dupatta or Odhani with Lehengas and Ghagra Cholis.

The use of embellishment is also refreshingly traditional and do not depend upon crystals, sequins or any other plastic ornamentation. In a wedding ceremony a bride first needs a wedding Saree with blouse set or a wedding lehenga and then matching jewelery set such as neck lace, earrings, ring, nose ring, Bangles, Payals, Foot rings and a shoe. These are most required things which a bride need.

However it has been seen that as the time changes the style and choice of the bridal costume has also changed intensely. In the past times it is the pattern to load the bride with the heavy costumes and heavy jewelry. But, In this new age it is not important to load the bride with costumes and jewelry from head to toe rather it is more important to see that the costumes she has worn is of the right choice and style. Today The style is, to look simple and decent with the grace and beauty.